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Pink Powder

2020 Litters


Brie & Dee

October 2020

Nut Litter

brie & dee's litter

Black Variberk + Black Blazed Variberk

Nut Themed Litter

Brie's litter was the first ever litter we raised in house. She had 10 healthy pups on the 15th of October 2020.

Brie's pups grew up to be adventurous little sweethearts. The litter consisted of 8 girls and 2 boys.


Brie's litter consisted of black and dove coloured rats, with most of the rats having some beautiful Variberk.

Cashew, Coco, Macadamia and Peanut stayed with A Rat's Tail. Hazel headed down to Interstellar Rattery, Almond headed to Winnie's Rattery and Pecan went to Scruffian's Rattery.

Brie + Dee
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