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New Tails Coming Soon!

Scroll down to see our current litters, or click to see our upcoming litters

Current Litters:

Dorothea & odin's litter

Black Self (Carrier) + Pink Eyed White (Fluffy)

"J" Letter Litter

Dorothea gave birth to 11 healthy babies on the 7th of May. It was an easy birth for her, and she was very lovely, letting me interreact with them.

The goal of this litter was yet again to outcross the fluffy line to improve the health and temperament of that line.

This litter is very boy heavy, with 7 boys and 4 girls. They are a mixture of colours, including black, champagne and mink champagne (which can be a little hard to tell the difference between!)

These sweet rats will be ready to go to their new homes at the end of July.

duchess & azeroth's litter

Silverfawn splitcap + black variberk

"K" Letter Litter

Duchess gave birth to 5 babies on the 11th of May. She is unfortunately a very stressy mom, and therefore would not let me neat her nest very often. I would need to bride her out with some yummy food to even have a look at them.

I was hoping for improvement in markings for this litter, but unfortunately no luck!

Unfortunately a small litter got smaller, when the runty girl passed away when they started to switching to adult food.

We now have a remainder of 2 boys and 2 girls in black, champagne and agouti.

If any are going up for adoption, this will be done at the end of July :)

Future Planned Litters:

Our litters all have certain goals (such as markings, temperaments, health and outcrosses), and therefore we plan our litters about six months ahead of time. Girls are only paired a maximum of two times between the ages of 6 - 12 months, and boys need to be over the age of 18 months (but not too old that they can't get the deed done!


It's important to remember that we are breeding goal orientated (ie quality over quantity). We aren't trying to push out as many rats as we can for pets as we have other goals first! Pets are just a bi-product as we cannot keep them all.


Keeping that in mind, please note that pairings sometimes fail, get delayed, and plans end up changing. Please don't plan to get certain litters from us (as we may cut lines or choose not to breed due to health problems that may have popped up). You can, however, keep an eye on our Facebook page to see if those pairings do go ahead and whether mum successfully gives birth.

Check out this link down below for our planned litters:

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