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Our Current Mischief

The rats listed here are all of our personal pets - These may have been kept for health, breeding or pet related reasons (Sometimes we just fall in love!) This rats will NOT be up for adoption, but you can see whether they will be paired soon or have been paired to potentially get in for a chance at one of their babies!

Our Girls:



White Rose Diorite

White Rose Citrine x White Rose Archer

Silverfawn Berkshire (Carrier)

Diorite is a sweet little soul who is a bit more cautious - She is almost like the younger version of our old girl Copper. When in heat though, she popcorns around like crazy and loves to get into play fights! She will be paired to some of our fluffs for an outcross to better health and temperament in the fluff line.

Date of Birth: 28th February 2022


White Rose Vulpix

White Rose Teru x Scruffians Cricket

Black Variberk

Vulpix is an active little sweetheart who loves to play with everyone in the cage. Her favourite thing is tummy tickles, as she love to popcorn away, but will always come back for more. We are hoping that she will produce some awesome markings! She has been paired to Cashew, who made adorable little babies.

Date of Birth: 8th March 2022


A Rat's Tail Dumpling

A Rat's Tail Bandit x Scruffians Cricket

Agouti Hood

Dumpling is very much like her dad - A little dramatic when being picked up, but absolutely loves kisses and belly rubs. She's a super vocal, which just adds to the cuteness that she has. She will be used towards my minimal hoods line to get to a safer mask in New Zealand, as well as markings

Date of Birth: 8th March 2022


White Rose Duchess

White Rose Blackthorn x Scruffians Cricket

Silverfawn Hood

Duchess is a very outgoing, little miss bossy lady! She likes to be in the centre of attention, and is quick and nippy around the cage. She was paired to Azeroth in May 2023 and we have kept two of her children with us.

Date of Birth: 24th May 2022


A Rat's Tail Flower

House of Kahn Lilith x White Rose Darwin

Dove Self (Fluffy)

Flower stayed with us due to having to have an emergency surgery at a young age. She is a very timid, sweet girl who loves a good back scratch.

Date of Birth:11th July 2022


Misty's Dorothea

Misty's Anaita x White Rose Darwin

Black self (Carrier)

Dorothea was adopted into our mischief a bit later in her life, but she fit into the mischief so perfectly. She was paired to Odin, and she had absolutely amazing and cuddly babies who went all across the country! 

Date of Birth:11th July 2022


Scruffians Ibis

House of Kahn Edi x Scruffians R2D2

Agouti Splitcap

Ibis is a very playful girls whose personality really shines like the rest of the markings line - Confident, cute and cuddly.She was paired to Groot to improve the splitcap line, and her son and daughter will remain with us to continue this line.

Date of Birth: 10 October 2022


Little Snoots Cherry

A Rat's Tail Dani x Scruffians Odin

Black Hood (Carrier)

Cherry is an outgoing girl who always loves a good play with my hands and other rats xD  I paired her to Tomango to get the best of both worlds personality wise. Her daughter remains with us now to continue the line.

Date of Birth: November 2022

Hokey Pokey

A Rat's Tail Hokey Pokey

White Rose Vulpix x A Rat's Tail Cashew

Black hood (headspot)

Hokey Pokey is a cheeky little girl - She is very opinionated and likes to do things her own way! Due to her very out-there personality, we have decided to keep her as a pet only with us rather than adopting her out.

Date of Birth: 1 November 2022


A Rat's Tail Spooky

House of Kahn Lilith x White Rose Peridot

Fawn Self (Fluffy)

Spooky has the softest fur ever, and she absolutely love some good scritches in this fur. She her personality matches her fur - so soft and sweet. She loves being in your arms. She was paired to Cheeses - A rat adopted from Luna, and her daughter will stay with us too.

Date of Birth: 1 November 2022


A Rat's Tail Ivory

Flora and Faune Juniper x Scruffians Oni

Pink Eyed White (Carrier)

Ivory is a bit on the shyer side, and her pink eyes make her a bit weary of her surroundings and people. However, once in your arms, she enjoys the cuddles and falls asleep. She has been paired to Raphael.

Date of Birth: 1 November 2022


A Rat's Tail Freya

A Rat's Tail Fang x Scruffians Odin

Dove Berkshire (Fluffy)

Freya is a complete sweety and takes after her father very much so. Her back end hair is so incredibly fluffy and soft. She was paired to Blitz to try and get more playfulness into the temperament of this line.

Date of Birth: 11 January 2023


Interstellar Eclipse

Luna Mera x Scruffians Fox


Eclipse is one of the most playful and explorative little ratty I have ever met! She is always down for an adventure, and likes to escape the cages during feeding and play time. Her mask is very special too!

Date of Birth: 28 January 2023


Interstellar Dahlia

Luna Poppy x Scruffians Fox

Black Variberk

Dahlia is a sassy little girl who loves a good play time! She likes to boss the rest of the rats around in her cage, but at the same time does well with being nice to humans. We are hoping to breed her for her markings!

Date of Birth: 28 January 2023


A Rat's Tail Jellybean

Misty's Dorothea x Scruffians Odin

Champagne Self (Fluffy)

Jellybean is a lovely little girl who is very much a human rat, rather than a rat rat. Like her father, she enjoys the company of humans rather than cage mates. She is a sweet little girl, unlike her sassy sisters!

Date of Birth: 7 May 2023


A Rat's Tail Kiriko

White Rose Duchess x A Rat's Tail Azeroth

Agouti Hood (Headspot)

Kiriko is an outgoing, playful little girl who always keeps the other girls on their toes! She's taken on the sassiness of her mom, but also enjoys cuddles with humans like her dad. Hoping that she can continue our markings line!

Date of Birth: 10 May 2023


A Rat's Tail Luna

Little Snoots Cherry x White Rose Tomango

Mink Hood (Carrier)

Luna is a sweet girl who gets along with any and other rats super well :) She is incredibly easygoing, and as a double outcross, we hope for the health of that as well! She will be staying with us to have her own kids one day.

Date of Birth: 10 May 2023


A Rat's Tail Margot

 A Rat's Tail Spooky x Luna Cheeses

Agouti Berkshire (Carrier)

Margot and her litter were always such little mischief makers since the start! From 2 weeks of age, she was hand fed with her siblings until they were on solids. From all the handling, they all became incredibly outgoing and confidents rats - Still showing today.

Date of Birth: 18 June 2023


A Rat's Tail Oreo

Scruffians Ibis x Scruffians Groot

Black Splitcap

The markings line temperment comes through here - Lovely outgoing and playful litter! Oreo is an absolute sweetheart, and I hope to continue using her for my goal of minimal splitcaps to get closer to a safer masked rat :)

Date of Birth: 18 June 2023

Our Boys:


White Rose Raphael

White Rose Faline x White Rose Lancelot

Agouti Berkshire (Fluffy)

Raphael has a complete change of personality throughout his life - From an adventuours boy who always wanted to explore, to a boy who always got back to his cage and was a boss, to a snuggly bud. He has been paired to Ivory,

Date of Birth: 1 December 2021


White Rose Latios

White Rose Teru x White Rose Archie

Black Variberk

Unfortunately, Latios previous owner passed away, and so he came home to us. What a blessing he has been though as he is an amazing boy who loves to explore and cuddle with his cage mates.

Date of Birth: 28 December 2021


Winnie's Paddington

Winnie's Bunny x Scruffians Dio

Cinnamon Self (Carrier)

Another sweetheart who was returned once his owner passed away - Paddington lives up to his teddy bear name and loves the cuddles and snuggles with his cage mate. Unfortunately he is pet only due to Winnie's cutting his line.

Date of Birth: 1 January 2022


A Rat's Tail Freddo

House of Kahn Lilith x White Rose Darwin

Mink Berkshire (Carrier)

Freddo is a beautiful boy with a beautiful soul. Due to his outcrossed nature, he not only sports a carrier coat, but also has interesting white marks up the side of his body - Almost like he is trying to be a Variberk.

Date of Birth: 11 July 2022


A Rat's Tail Geralt

Scruffians Cortana x White Rose Elliot

Mink Champagne Irish (Fluffy)

Geralt has an absolutely stunning coat - While he may be mistaken for pink-eyed white, his slight golden coat gives him a beautiful look. He has a typical fluffy line temperament - Sweet and cuddly!

Date of Birth: 12 July 2022


A Rat's Tail Genji

Scruffians Cortana x White Rose Elliot

Silverfawn Self (Carrier)

Like his brother, Genji has an absolutely beautiful coat as well. He is a spunky little dude who loves to play with the boys around the cage, but is also down for a cuddle once he is tired out from the playing.

Date of Birth: 12 July 2022


Winnie's Hanzo

Winnie's Mole x White Rose Mars

Black Hood (Fluffy)

Unfortunately, Hanzo's line was cut by Winnie's rattery due top underlying health issues. However, we had already fallen in love with him and he would stay with us permanently. 

Date of Birth: 18 July 2022


White Rose Kangaroo

White Rose Pyrite x White Rose Elliot

Fawn Berkshire (Fluffy)

Kangaroo is definitely the boss of the cage right now! So much so that he is on temperament watch in case he needs to be neutered at a later point. He is a true trouble maker, but always first to the front of the cage.

Date of Birth: 21 September 2022


A Rat's Tail Incognito

Flora and Fauna Juniper x Scruffians Oni

Pink Eyed White (Carrier)

LIke brother, like sister. Incognito is almost an exact twin of his sister Ivory. He trully lived up to his name when he was a younger rat - going Incognito and finding escape routes every second he could. He is a lovely, but cautious guy,

Date of Birth: 2 November 2022


Misty's Fox


Mink Hood (Carrier)

Fox is a shy little boy who prefers to watch the world from his hammock. He does love a good snuggle when he gets comfortable with rats and humans.

Date of Birth: tbc


Rescue Bernard

Unknown Heritage

Fawn Hood

Bernard has a truly amazing story - One day someone called the clinic I work at to let me know that there was a domesticated rat outside their house. I went on my lunch break to find him, and he came right up to me and cuddled on my shoulder like I had known him forever.

Date of Birth: January 2023


A Rat's Tail Thor

A Rat's Tail Fang x Scruffians Odin

Pink Eyed White (Fluffy)

He is exactly a mini-me of his father - Thor looks and acts just like his father, and I hope that he can continue on his legacy, as well as his amazing breeding line. He couldn't be a sweeter boy!

Date of Birth: 11 January 2023


White Rose Spoink

White Rose Wrath x Scruffians Ruse

Black Variberk (Headspot)

Spoink is the type of rat who likes to stick to himself, unless you can offer him cuddles or food. He does have a beautiful coat though, and I hope to continue this on with the markings line!

Date of Birth: 18 January 2023


A Rat's Tail Jaegar

Misty's Dorothea x Scruffians Odin

Black Berkshire (Fluffy)

Jaegar takes after his uncle Oni - A beautiful black coat with a white spot on his stomach. He likes to sniff and check that you are nice first before begging for cuddles. He has an amazing personality like his half brother, Thor.

Date of Birth: 7 May 2023


A Rat's Tail Kaiju

White Rose Duchess x A Rat's Tail Azeroth

Champagne Hood

Kaiju has the spunk of his mom, but wonderful personality of his father. I am really hoping to bring more colours like his into the markings line, which is why he is so special to me! Can't wait to see what he produces.

Date of Birth: 10 May 2023


A Rat's Tail Nacho

A Rat's Tail Freya x A Rat's Tail Blitz

Argente Hood (Fluffy)

Lovely Nacho was raised and fostered by Dragonfly Rattery. When I saw him, he reminded me so much of one of my special old boys Cheese, and so I instantly fell in love with his looks and personality.

Date of Birth: 16 October 2023


A Rat's Tail Oddysey

Scruffians Ibis x Scruffians Groot

Agouti Splitcap

Oddysey has an active and outgoing personality - Always the first to the front of the cage for finger plays and food. We are hoping to use his cute splitcap to better our minimal splitcap line :)

Date of Birth: 23 October 2023

In Loving Memory Of:

Rats will always come and go - Here is to the rats that have lived, loved and past. We remember and honour each and every single one of you as you have made an impact on our lives very much. 

You can find our rainbow bridge below:

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