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Pink Powder

2022 Litters


Bandit & Cricket

March 2022

D Litter


Cortana & Elliot

July 2022

G Litter


Crash & Coco

March 2022

Witches & Wizards


Vulpix & Cashew

November 2022

H Litter


Bullet & Coco

May 2022

E Litter


Juniper & Oni

November 2022

I Litter


Lilith & Darwin

July 2022

F Litter

bandit & cricket's litter

Black Minimal Hood Carrier + Agouti Minimal Hood

"D" Letter Litter

Bandit gave birth on the 14th of March 2022 to 10 healthy little babies. We have a mixture of agouti, argente and black coloured hoods of all shapes, and 5 girls and 5 boys.

This litter will be the fourth generation of my line, working towards healthy minimal hoods and masks. Bandit is an absolutely lovely rat, and her and Cricket were a true match made in heaven.

Dumpling (female agouti hood) and Dragon (male agouti splitcap) will be staying with A Rat's Tail. Daenrys will be heading to little Snoots, Daisy to Winnie's, Dante to Interstellar and Diarmuid to White Rose.

Bandit + Cricket

crash & coco's litter

Carrier Black Irish + Black Variberk

Witches and Wizards Themed Litter

Crash gave birth on the 15th of March 2022 to 11 healthy little babies. This litter is lovingly nicknamed "The Goth Litter" as all of her babies are a mixture of black hoods and berkshires.

Crash is a small, but loving and protective mother. ​While the rats are quite shy, they made very good companions to go other with some friends from other litters to new homes.

Due to her line being cut, all babies went to pet only homes.

Crsh + Coco