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Rat Boarding Services

Loving rat care for when you aren't there


Full Set-up Provided

We offer individual strong rat cages for groups of up to four rats. These are deep-cleaned and set up specifically for your rats. Each comes with hiding spaces and enrichment for your rats and is lined with kiln-dried pine.

Previous Adopter Discount

As you may have been told at adoption with us, we provide a discount for boarding if you have previously adopted from us. Please contact us to find out the pricing!

Premium Food Provided

All boarding rats are fed our premium mix alongside treats for a balanced diet. If you have a specific diet you would like to feed them instead, please let us know

Dedicated Rat Room

We just have moved, and the rats are all now located in a dedicated and spacious rat room, with plenty of ventilation, a purifier and dehumidifier running 24/7 to ensure they are comfortable.

Health care

A bonus of staying with us is access to vet care if needed. I am studying vet nursing and work at an exotic clinic, so can provide medical care if needed. I can also provide special care to those on medications 

Long Stay Discount

Have a longer trip you are planning for? We offer long-stay discounts to ensure that it isn't a huge issue on your wallet, and that you feel comfortable leaving them for a longer time.




Previous adopters and long stay discounts available.

A bit out of your price range? Please get in contact with us for special cases.

Medication surcharge is $5 per day.

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