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Pink Powder

2021 Litters


Tinker & Quill

February 2021

Scruffians O Litter


Onyx & Erebus

December 2021

"C" Litter


Crumpet & Kai

June 2021

"A" Litter


Soup & Quill

August 2021

Soup Themed Litter


Peanut & Skipper

September 2021

"B" Litter

Tinker + Quill

Tinker & Quill's litter

Fluffy Black Hood + Carrier Dove Self

Scruffians "O" Litter

This was a Scruffian's litter to which we helped raise on behalf on to help out with breeding plans.


Tinker gave birth to eleven pups on the morning of 12 February 2021. Unfortunately one of the babies were a FTT, an therefore we only ended up with 10 pups.

These pups certainly took on their mother's kind and cuddly nature. There were five boys, and five girls. Due to mum being a fluff, we had a couple NZ Angora rats, as well as carriers.


Two boys, Odin and Oni (both fluff boys) stayed with us at A Rat's Tail.

Crumpet + Kai

Crumpet & kai's litter

Black Variberk Carrier + Black Variberk

"A" Letter Litter

Crumpet gave birth to seven healthy pups on the afternoon of 8 June 2021. 

These little pups grew up to be adventurous and adorable little rats - we have five girls in this litter, and two boys.


The markings that we can see are berkshire, with some variberk and headspots present. We also have one hood. There are four black coats, and three dove coats. 

Little Flocko stayed with A Rat's Tail, and Azeroth headed over to White Rose Rattery. All the girls were adopted out to their forever homes.

Soup + Quill