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A Rat's Tail - Black Variberk and White (Dove) on black background


A Rat's Tail is a New Zealand registered rattery focusing on the markings line with great health and temperament, as well as the NZ Angora (fluffy) line. We are working towards better pet rat lives in New Zealand, which includes education, as well as an accessible, affordable and local pet rat store.

Our Story

A Rat's Tail Rattery was founded in 2020 under the wings of Scruffian's Rattery. We are a small home-based rattery located in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have been on the New Zealand Registered Rat Breeders Registry since January 2021, while we were adopting our first litter out. If you would like any further information on them, you can check out their website here.

Our main goal is to breed rats with great health and temperament for pet homes. Our 2 side goals is to preserve and better the markings line within New Zealand, which includes the Variberk coat and the head spot/ blaze marking, as well as issue free and safe black eyed whites. We have also recently started to focus on bettering the NZ Angora (fluffy) coat, which is one that is only found throughout New Zealand, and is similar to the Harley coat which is available overseas, but without the health issues associated with the coat type.

We take great care in making sure that our breeders are of the best temperament and health. For our males, we only breed them when they are over 18 months old just to be sure that they are free of hormonal aggression and other common genetic problems. Our females are bred when they are between the ages of 6 - 12 months, and they usually only have one litter, after which they are free to retire and enjoy the rest of their days with snuggles and treats.

The mischief at A Rat's Tail are always and forever will be our pets before anything else. Each and every rat is cherished and treated like a family member. They all have large, fun filled cages with homemade hammocks to live in. Each day, they will receive load of cuddles and play time outside of their cage. The mischief also eats a varied and healthy diet.

In June 2021, we opened our online store as we noticed a huge demand for affordable and nutritional pet food and mixes. We have researched and worked with the rest of the registered rat breeders to create affordable pellets that your rats will love. Most of the registered breeders in New Zealand use our pellets as a base for their diet now. We also recently expanded to healthier, more natural pet treats, and will be expanding our enrichment range very soon.

We are very big on education, and plan to be attending all the Pet Expo's to reach out to rat owners, as well as those who haven't thought of rats as an enjoyable and lovable pet. We strive to be active and educate on local Facebook rat groups through education.

Please explore our website and photos. If you do have any further questions or comments, feel free to message us at any time or check out our facebook page for the latest photos and updates.

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Three girl rats snuggling in a Sputnik at A Rat's Tail
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