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  • How do I adopt a rat?
    We won't always have rats available for adoption, however you can put your name down on our waitlist to be notified next time we have some available pups! Please note that we do not adopt out to anyone who hasn't filled out the waitlist form - It only takes a couple of minutes of your time to fill out the form.
  • How much do rats cost?
    Our pet rats are adopted out for $40 each, and every pair will come with a small adoption pack. Singular rats will not be adopted out - Rats are very social animals and require friends!
  • What services does A Rat's Tail provide?
    A Rat's Tail is primarily a rattery to adopt out pets rats. We would also like to educate people about pet rats and how to give them the best life possible. We have recently expanded out to open our own shop, which currently sells food and treats (and soon enrichment items too!). We are also able to pet sit for your ratties.
  • Can I adopt a rat from A Rat's tail if I live out of Auckland?
    You most certainly can! You are more than welcome to come and pick them up on a day we are available - If not we can sort out sending the rats down on the PetBus.
  • Do you ship items internationally?
    Yes we do - All items can be shipped if your biosecurity allows it (Rats not included). Please contact us directly for international shipping costs to avoid overly expensive prices - We will be able to send you an invoice that will allow you to still pay securely via the website.
  • Are you still operating during Covid?
    Yes we are - Rats will obviously not be up for adoption until the appropriate level where we can be sure everyone will be safe. Being Pet food, we are able to courier it to your house contactlessly.
  • I have an issue with my order - What do I do?
    Please be sure to contact us ASAP via our email ( - We will either issue a refund, or replace the items ASAP for you.
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