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Rats love their treats too! We have created some lovely homemade veggie bites using just the best of ingredients, and taste-tested by all of our Mischief (even the picky ones!).  Each veggie bite is freshly made in-house, and then packaged and sealed in an airtight bag, ready to head off to a lovely mischief.


Please note that this should be fed as a treat only, and should be fed alongside a well-balanced diet with water available at all times. 


Each bag has 100g (approx 150 individual) treats - Enough for your mischief to enjoy and finish while they are still fresh!


Veggie Bites

  • Our veggie bites are freshly made from pumpkin, free-range eggs, salt and sugar free peanut butter, wholemeal flour, oats, carrot, spinach and courgette.

  • All of our treats come in a resealable and airtight bag - Perfect for storing! 

    All items will be freshly packed and shipped off within 2 working days.